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Treating eye problems has become more efficient and more reliable due to the advancements that technology has made possible. At Washington Eye Care and Freeds Optical, it is our priority to make these advancements available to you because we want you to experience maximum eye health and to restore your ocular well-being in the face of various conditions and infections. Prokera® is a great example of what can be done to promote the best outcomes.

To answer the question of what Prokera® is, it is a corneal bandage that is placed at our office and which sits between the eyelid and the eye itself. It heals the cornea and is useful for such challenges as keratitis (corneal infection), corneal ulcerations, corneal defects, corneal scarring, chemical burns, and dry eye. Our Washington eye care uses this treatment because it has been FDA approved, meaning you can be confident that it is not only effective, but safe. Its natural therapeutic qualities stem from an amniotic membrane. The results are often leaps and bounds above what could otherwise be expected from older forms of treatment. The list of issues for which it is put into action vary from those that are simply frustrating, such as dry eye, up to more severe and urgent matters like corneal scarring and chemical burns. Our Washington eye care wants to assure you that we are committed to doing everything possible so you can avoid any permanent harm to your eyes or loss of vision, and this is one of the best ways to accomplish that.

Prokera┬« is both placed and removed right here at our office. It’s associated with less pain, reduced scarring, and decreased inflammation. Do right by your eyes. Reach out to our Washington eye care immediately when you need our help for any eye concern.

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